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Tilmore Investments combines traditional investment strategies with cutting edge financial technologies in order to provide the best possible service to its customers. Being part of the digital currency and alternative investor community, Tilmore established one of the first official registered gold-backed digital currencies (Nofiatcoin). Nofiatcoin (XNF) is traded on XNFTrading, another project by Tilmore,

which is a currency trading platform characterized by its cutting edge features. The platform enables its customers to transfer funds, make payments, buy gold bullion, and invest in agricultural projects, among others. By connecting the physical and real with the digital world, Tilmore Investments has proven itself to be an innovator in the world of alternative investments and the digital currency ecosystem.

At Tilmore Investments, we will safely guide you and help you achieve 15 to 20 percent ROI per year. Tilmore is based in the Dominican Republic. Together with our partners: Department of Export & Investments (CEI-RD) and the Ministry of Agriculture, we got access to guidance, studies, statistics, exporting contacts and information on the department that insures crops, AGRODOSA.  We take pride in understanding the local market, the people and the vast potential the Dominican Republic has to offer to investors.

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The Dominican Republic has created a favourable environment needed for the development of its agricultural sector. The Dominican Republic is expected to be become a net exporter this decade. It seems to follow the same development path as Brazil, which was a net importer of agriculture in the 1970s and now is one of the top five agricultural exporting nations. The Dominican Republic has a stable economy and political environment, and the government has made it a top priority to fight corruption.

In brief the Dominican Republic…

- Has a sound legal framework for foreign investment

- Is FDI Friendly - Open Market

- Participates in major international trade treaties: DR-CAFTA, EPA, ALC RD-CARICOM, ALC RD Central America, AAP - RD Panama). More are currently being developed with Europe and Asia.

- Has sound Banking Infrastructure - most banks support accounts in USD, EUR as well as DOP.

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Tilmore Investments strives to gain high yields by investing in reliable and sound development projects


While we deliver financial services to people on a global scale, we understand that people’s life is most impacted on a local level. Here are some of the local projects Tilmore is supporting.

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